Supporting farmers to establish a successful ice cream enterprise

For dairy farmers looking to make the most from their milk (both in a literal and financial sense), the ice cream experts at Antonelli are on hand to support you every step of the way.

With a long history in the ice cream industry and a passion for supporting farmers to diversify their on-site offering to consumers, we can help you to boost your profit margins and build a long-term, sustainable farm business.

Our 5 step consultancy process


Assessing usability of your farm

We take an in-depth look at your current access and buildings to identify the best type of ice cream sales to suit your specific needs, and how it will integrate with your existing business.


Researching opportunities

Identifying how your enterprise can compete in the ice cream market in a way that suits the farm, we will look at opportunities within the local area and beyond.


Setting up your ice cream shop

The Antonelli team will support you in finding the ideal location within your farm if that is part of your plan or pinpoint the ideal wholesale for selling away from your farm.


Sourcing the right ingredients

Our hands-on approach means we will support you in discussing applications for relevant grants, selecting the correct machinery for your requirements and signposting you to the best suppliers available.


Creating a sustainable ice cream business

We are here to provide ongoing advice on new product development, new flavours (be it seasonal or trending), or simply flavours you would look to make for your family, utilising your own milk each step of the way.


Benefits of working with
Antonelli’s ice cream consultants



With over 100 years in business, we know how to establish a successful ice cream enterprise.



Our MD, Mark Antonelli has extensive experience of working alongside dairy farm businesses.


Farm Sustainability

By incorporating the sale of ice cream from your farm, you can generate more profit from your business and income for your family!


Extensive Support

Elements such as marketing or labelling can be daunting for some, the Antonelli team is on hand to support you in finding the ideal solution.


Ongoing Partnership

We’ll be a continual source of support, whether you want to remain a similar size or grow into a major UK supplier... the opportunities are endless!

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